Laundry Tubs

Call it a laundry tub or a laundry sink, it’s all the same, but since many of you are searching for ‘laundry tubs’ we thought we’d be sure and address this specific topic. Laundry tubs are simply large utility sinks used in the laundry room or laundry area of a home or Laundromat. They usually have a tap with running hot and cold water and are used for rinsing clothing, shoes and other things which are either too messy or too bulky to wash in the smaller, often nicer, kitchen or bathroom sinks. Laundry tubs are used for hand washing delicates and many other jobs – they are multi-purpose. For this reason, they are usually very sturdy and durable, although as with anything in life you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap laundry tub you may find it cracks or stains or causes you other grief after not too long. If you invest in a quality laundry tub it will likely have an excellent warranty, wear well and last you for many trouble-free years.

You can find laundry tubs, otherwise known as laundry utility sinks, in hardware stores and in other stores which sell home appliances. There are even laundry tub accessories such as clothing drying racks available at these same hardware and home specialty department stores. Another excellent option is to have your laundry tub and accessories shipped to you by a reputable company, so that you can count on the shipping and warranty to be reliable. If you are allowing your contractor to source your laundry tub, ensure the tub selected will actually suit your requirements as far as frequency and types of use, rather than just filling a need for eye appeal.


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