Wall Mount Utility Sinks

Utility sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and configurations are available to fit almost any situation, from a laundry room to a garage to a machine shop.

The most common configuration is the wall mount utility sink. This allows for a very sturdy mounting on a wall, holding your utility sink in place and ensuring stability for clean up jobs big and small.

We’ve seen wall mount utility tubs made of a variety of materials and in all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what’s available.

laundry utility sink wall mountThis is a Swanstone Veritek wall mount utility sink, usually used as a laundry tub. Laundry room utility sinks are most commonly wall-mounted, but there are other configurations available as well, such as freestanding utility sinks.

Veritek is Swanstone’s proprietary resin blend, and as per their factory specs offers a smooth surface which will not chip or crack, and resists mold and mildew.

stainless steel utility sink wall mount
This stainless steel wall mount utility sink is from Elkay. It is a commercial hand wash utility sink in heavy-duty, durable stainless steel, a very popular material for utility sinks. Because this is a commercial grade sink, it is good for schools, hospitals and other health-care environments, but because of the excellent price point it is good for home use as well, such as in laundry rooms or mud rooms where hand washing is needed.

 This wall mount utility sink is from Mustee. It is very strong and sturdy as it comes all in one piece, and is constructed with thermoplastic. Mustee is a name well-known in the utility sink industry, and this wall mount sink is perfect for laundry rooms, machine shops and other areas requiring a strong utility sink.

Easy to install, this sink resists all damages such as stains, chips and rust, and is also especially leak-resistant as it is all one piece, as mentioned.

This is a cast iron wall mount utility sink, available from Kohler. Cast iron is an extremely durable and popular material for utility sinks, and while you can find it in uncoated form, the coated varieties such as this one are most common.

This utility sink features an acid-resistant enamel finish in white, and several possible faucet configurations. It also has some workspace as part of its inherent shape, meaning there is room to rest utensils or other items on the back lip of the sink.

american standard utility sinkThis wall mount utility sink from American Standard is made from vitreous china. As you can see from the picture, it is a very simple design and does not come with pre-drilled faucet holes. It is suitable for overmount faucets which can be attached to the wall above, keeping the clean and sleek look of the sink intact.

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